Master Plan adopted at Council

At a Council Meeting on 14 June 2023 the Beecroft Village Green Master Plan was adopted by Council.

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The community engagement showed that residents view the Village Green as a valued community asset and wish to see the heritage character of the park preserved and the feel of a ‘Village Green’ retained and enhanced.

The community clearly communicated their key priorities for any future works during the consultation process and the Master Plan provides guidance on key elements that respond to the community based on the consultation outcomes.

Construction is scheduled to commence in early 2024.

Landscape Master Plan

Beecroft Village Green Master Plan - adopted

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What we heard from the community

Thank you to those people who let us know what improvements they would like to see in the Beecroft Village Green.

The initial round of consultation was undertaken from 15 November to 14 December, 2022. During that time, 137 people completed the interactive online survey, ranking suggested improvements or facilities for the Village Green.

People expressed their desire to see the site develop as a community open space with opportunities for play, exercise, recreation and social gatherings.

The results told us that the provision of activity opportunities for teens and older children and the renewal of the play space were considered high priorities. Opportunities for outdoor games and fitness also ranked highly.

The existing toilet block is ageing and does not meet current requirements for accessibility. An upgrade was considered to be a high priority, receiving the highest number of top five responses in the survey.

The results also indicated that the community value the Village Green as a gathering space, but consider there is scope to improve the lawn area for events, picnics and outdoor fitness.

Draft Master Plan ready

The information received from the community during the initial round of consultation was used to develop a design brief and overall vision for the park and guided development of the draft Master Plan.

Key elements of the draft Master Plan include:

  • renewal of the children’s play space
  • activity area for teens and older children including a basketball half court and informal seating area
  • new park furniture including a picnic shelter, additional seating, bike racks and site signage
  • regrading of lawn area to facilitate events, gatherings and exercise
  • provision of outdoor fitness equipment
  • improved walking paths to the toilets, play space and picnic area
  • public toilets upgraded to include two unisex accessible cubicles
  • new fence and hedge plantings along Beecroft Road
  • buffer planting alongside railway corridor.

View the full Beecroft Village Green Draft Master Plan.