Council to roll out car parking proposal in stages

Council considered a report on the survey results and the recommended path forward with car parking management in Brooklyn at the April General Meeting.

It was decided that Council:

1. Acknowledge the efforts and contribution of community and stakeholders to this process, particularly in trying to seek a common understanding and way forward on a long-standing issue for the Brooklyn and River community.

2. Adopt the proposed car parking management staged, roll out schedule attached to General Manager’s Report No. GM1/23 implementing the roll out as part of future Delivery Programs and an Informal Councillor Briefing be held following the trailer removal process to further consider timed parking restrictions.

3. Not proceed with the proposed leased car park in Upper McKell Park overflow area but continue to operate the car park as a free to use parking area in the short to medium term.

4. Note the proposed alternate leased parking locations nominated by the community and further address this matter in the place planning process.

5. Undertake further consultation with the community to determine the extent of need for residents who are not eligible for a Disability Parking Permit but may still require special parking arrangements.

6. Undertake further consultation on the introduction of paid parking in McKell Park and Parsley Bay to respond to community demand for flexible parking.

View the Council Meeting Business Paper (Item 1) and Attachments - 12 April 2023

View the Minutes of the General Meeting.


We are proposing to introduce additional time restricted parking in Brooklyn to make car parking spaces available for people visiting and using McKell Park and Parsley Bay and for people wishing to access the businesses in the village centre. We also want to identify a location or locations where the river community may park their cars for extended stays.

Over the last 30 years, Council has commissioned more than 20 studies, reports, consultations or surveys to address the issue of car parking management in Brooklyn. These documents attempted to address the issue of private parking on public land for offshore residents who do not have access to parking on their own land.

The proposed changes to car parking management are also guided by the working vision for Brooklyn, consultation insights and best practice principles outlined in the Hornsby Shire Council Car Parking Management Study.

Car parking proposal

The key points of the changed parking conditions are:

  • Four hour (4P) car parking in off-street carparks servicing Lower and Upper McKell Park and the businesses in the village centre via the Dangar Road/Wharf Car Park.
  • Parsley Bay Boat Ramp area – car-only parking for six hours (6P). Car with trailer parking for twelve hours (12P). Flexible parking for car only or car with trailer – six hour (6P).
  • A leased parking area (on Crown Land) available for a cost to NSW residents.

Have your say - Feedback period has closed

We are interested to know what you think of the proposed time restrictions on car parking in Brooklyn.

The details for each area are described in the four associated tabs below. Please read this information and then take the short survey.

In particular, we want to know:

  • whether the time restrictions proposed in the various areas will support the intended uses of these areas?
  • what is the best approach to exclude or limit trailer parking from the village centre?
  • whether short term storage lockers and short term loading/unloading areas are required at the carparks?

The survey closes 30 October 2022

Staff will be on site at Brooklyn to answer questions and assist with filling out the survey if required:

  • Baden Powell Hall – Tuesday 20 September, 8am to 1pm
  • Brooklyn Meeting Room – Thursday 22 September, 2 to 7pm Meetings on this day have been cancelled due to the declaration of a public holiday. Those residents with scheduled meetings on this day will be offered alternate times.

Bookings are essential - email or phone 9847 6052 to book a meeting time. Meetings will be scheduled for 30 minutes. Hard copies of the survey may also be requested by phoning 9847 6052.

What's proposed for each car parking area?

1. Dangar Rd

Dangar Road/ Wharf Carpark

Council-owned town and village centre car parks are used by people visiting businesses and restaurants.

It is recommended that the Wharf/Dangar Road car park be time restricted to 4 hour parking between 6am and 6pm each day. This supports parking for morning and lunchtime visitors and will also allow for overnight use by offshore residents from 2pm until 10am the next day. It is also recommended that space be set aside for two car share parking spaces in this precinct.

Main points:

  • 31 timed parking spaces – 4 hour parking (6am-6pm) (blue area)
  • 2 car share spaces in current unrestricted parking spaces (pink area)
  • Retention of existing accessible parking spaces
  • Do we need loading areas and short term storage cages?

Long term objective – create public open space/community connection to the river in the area where the car park is currently located, once sufficient additional parking established elsewhere

2. Lower McKell

Lower McKell Carpark

This car park is identified as a potential site for multi level car park in the longer term, and 4P parking in the shorter term, with 30 minute loading zone for park users and the installation of storage lockers for offshore residents and/or park visitors.

It is recommended that the 4P parking restrictions be in place between 6am and 6pm. This timing will turn over car parking at peak morning arrival time (10am) and then turn it over again by 2pm. 12pm is the peak afternoon arrival time.

The proposed timing supports the use of the space for morning tea and lunchtime visitors. It will also allow for overnight use by offshore residents from 2pm until 10am the next day.

Main points of proposed parking changes:

  • 84 x timed parking – 4 hour parking (6am-6pm) (blue area)
  • 2 x 30 minute parking to facilitate loading/unloading (red area)
  • Retain accessible parking spaces
  • Install short term storage lockers

Long term objective – remove a proportion of riverside parking to return to public open space for community connection to the river, consistent with the vision for Brooklyn.

3. Parsley Bay

​Parsley Bay Boat Ramp

We are proposing a mix of timed parking in this area. 12P parking for cars with attached trailers and 6P parking for cars only.

A small section of 6P flexible parking is also recommended, which will allow for cars only or cars with trailers. The timing would still allow for overnight car parking, requiring parkers to move their vehicles by 12pm. A 30 minute loading/unloading area is also recommended at the end of the break wall.

Main points:

  • Car and trailer parking 12P (6am-6pm) (yellow areas)
  • Car only parking 6P (6am-6pm) (green areas)
  • Flexible parking for cars or cars with trailers 6P (6am-6pm) (light blue areas)
  • 30 minute parking to facilitate loading/unloading (red area)
  • Retain accessible parking
  • Provide shared use storage lockers

Long term objective – the Car Parking Management Study recommends investigating paid parking throughout Parsley Bay for cars with boat trailers and cars.

4. Upper McKell

Upper McKell Park

Recommendations for this area.

  • 4P parking between 8.30am and 6pm on the northern side of the road accessing the picnic area only.
  • New accessible parking space to support access to new accessible picnic shelter.
  • The removal of informal boat and trailer parking in the overflow area.

Main points include:

Upper McKell Park – Timed parking on the northern/footpath side of access road – 4 hour parking (8:30am-6pm) (purple line) to provide access to the park.

New accessible parking space to service the new accessible picnic shelter (yellow line)

Overflow parking area (orange area) – investigate suitable land area and consult on the establishment of leased parking area to service river communities. This area is being considered amongst other potential leased parking area locations.

Long term objective – if the resident-only parking area doesn't proceed, we will investigate additional car parking supply to meet the visitor needs as recommended in the CMPS. Increase parking capacity in Upper McKell Park (purple area) by converting parallel parking to angle parking.

5. Boat Trailers

Boat trailer parking

The Car Parking Management Study identifies that trailer parking should not be permitted either on street or off street in the Brooklyn Village Centre east of the railway bridge, except in the Parsley Bay Boat Ramp car park.

It is proposed to exclude trailers from being parked without time limits on public land within the village centre. However, the community may wish to exclude some streets from this restriction due to the lack of capacity for residents to park trailers on their own land. If certain streets were excluded from trailer parking restrictions, this approach would need to be operated on a first come first serve basis as resident trailer parking stickers are not being considered. There are questions in the survey on how to best manage trailer parking in the village centre.