A framework for managing our property assets

Council has developed a draft Property Strategy to provide strategic focus mainly for Council’s operational land holdings within the property portfolio, along with providing a framework to guide future decision making.

The purpose of the draft Strategy is to ensure that Hornsby Shire Council’s property portfolio is strategically aligned with its service delivery objectives and community expectations and importantly, delivers optimum commercial value from the management and development of Council property.

The draft Strategy identifies opportunities to optimise the value and use of Council’s property portfolio, through improved commercial arrangements and by realising development opportunities. Consideration toward divestment, development and consolidation of Council property to optimise use and return will assist with contributing to Council’s long term financial sustainability.

Hornsby Shire Council has not previously adopted a comprehensive integrated Property Strategy. This document is a foundation document which will be further developed over time and through implementation of the areas of focus identified within this draft.

What does it contain?

The draft Property Strategy includes information about the status of, and principles for developing and managing Council’s existing property portfolio. It outlines areas for Core Focus of the portfolio from an operational perspective, which are Manage, Transact and Invest.

It provides the criteria used for selecting properties from the portfolio for further investigation and the prioritisation of those properties of when they should be investigated. Recommendations for each property selected will be drafted for Council’s consideration and will include information concerning its proposed future use.

The document contains the approval process to be followed regarding any recommendations for future use of Council properties and the options available for delivering and funding projects endorsed by Council.

Have your say

Download the draft Property Strategy from the Document Library and make a submission by:

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  • emailing hsc@hornsby.nsw.gov.au
  • writing to the General Manager, Hornsby Shire Council, PO Box 37, Hornsby 1630 marked 'Property Strategy'.

Submissions closed: Tuesday 13 June 2023.