What is proposed for this site?

Hornsby Shire Council owns land at 1 and 3 Johnson Road, Galston. Approximately half of the site, located at 1 Johnson Road has been used as a Council storage facility for materials, plant and equipment for over 60 years. The Galston Rural Fire Brigade also have a facility on this site.

The other half of the site, located at 3 Johnson Road, is currently used for Council and community storage in a limited capacity. High voltage power supply runs through both sites.

At its meeting of 14 June, 2023 Council resolved to prepare a Planning Proposal to investigate whether it is appropriate to rezone the site for a different use, to maintain the existing depot use, increase the value of the land and provide ongoing income for Council.

1 and 3 Johnson Road is operational land that is currently zoned RU4 – Primary Production Small Lots. This zoning allows for uses such as child care centres, garden centres, landscape supplies, or animal boarding and training facilities.

The Planning Proposal will investigate rezoning the site to E4 – General Industrial. This zoning allows for uses such as goods repair and reuse premises, industrial retail outlets, local distribution premises, light industries and various other uses.

The exact use of the land has not been determined. If the rezoning goes ahead, a separate Development Application would need to be submitted to Council for any new buildings or facilities.

​If rezoned, what could the site be used for?

Parts of the site would continue to be used for Council storage and the remainder could be leased for light industrial purposes, to secure an ongoing income for Council.

A future use may include a warehouse or trade units of approximately 150-300m2, for local business and private use.

Conditions such as operational hours and permitted use of the site would be considered by Council in the assessment of any future Development Application.

​Why is the site being investigated?

To ensure that we can continue to deliver the services the community needs, Council needs to remain financially sustainable.

During recent consultations, the community told us that Council should look more closely at existing assets to minimise requests for residents to pay more for everyday services.

Council recently adopted a Property Strategy which aims to review operational land holdings to achieve higher use and create new opportunities for ongoing financial return. The Johnson Road site has been identified as having the potential to assist. The rezoning would recognise the importance of the site as a Council depot, optimise the potential of Council land, and improve financial sustainability.

The site would also provide local businesses and individuals with opportunities to occupy space for business and personal use.

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