Hornsby DCP amendments for electric vehicle charging have been implemented

Amendments to the Hornsby Development Control Plan 2013 for electric vehicle charging were approved by Council on 13 December 2023 and implemented on 21 December 2023. The Hornsby DCP can be viewed here.

Council is seeking feedback on draft amendments to the Hornsby Development Control Plan 2013 (Hornsby DCP) intended to support and encourage the use of electric vehicles (EV).

Council's Climate Wise Hornsby Plan aims to reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions from 2018 levels by 53% by 2030. The Plan identifies that transport is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Hornsby Shire.

Demand for EVs is increasing as people embrace emerging technologies and cleaner energy options. The NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy identifies that EV sales are expected to increase to 52% by 2030/31, with a growing need for access to EV charging units.

To support and encourage the anticipated EV uptake and to assist Council in meeting its emission reduction targets, amendments to the Hornsby DCP are proposed. The draft amendments require the incorporation of appropriate EV infrastructure for a range of new residential and commercial developments to promote EV readiness, avoiding the need for expensive retrofitting in the future. The amendments will apply to the whole Shire.

You can read or download a copy of the draft DCP amendments below.