The Hawkesbury-Nepean River system (HNRS) is a major social, environmental and economic asset for Greater Sydney and the Central Coast. It contains beautiful iconic beaches, sprawling rivers & estuaries, and areas of social & cultural significance as well as being a key economic driver for the region. The coastal zone also contains a passionate local community, who are heavily invested in its utility and management.

In accordance with the NSW Coastal Management Framework, management for the HNRS will be guided by a Coastal Management Program (CMP).

The CMP is being developed by six partner councils bordering the Hawkesbury-Nepean River System:

Our CMP is currently in its 2nd Stage (out of 5) focusing on understanding the risks, threats and vulnerabilities that the Hawkesbury-Nepean is facing now and in the future. We are also working on filling in the gaps in knowledge that were identified during Stage 1 (Scoping Study) before we proceed with the cost-benefit analysis of various management options that are available to us to manage the risk and threats going forward.

Don't go with the flow, be part of the conversation!

In order to understand our community's attitudes towards various threats impacting the estuary and to find out how we should prioritise our management efforts appropriately, we have prepared two ways for you to give us your feedback:
  1. Fill in our survey; and/or
  2. Use the interactive map to highlight locations and issues.