A very large and visually dominant Narrow-leaved Ironbark, Eucalyptus crebra, has been identified to be urgently removed for public safety. Test results confirm the tree has substantial decay at its base which renders the tree suspectable to failing.

In late 2022, a large branch fell and caused damage to a car in the carpark. As a result, the tree was inspected by a Council arborist and concerns were raised regarding the presence of decay fungus.

A detailed diagnostic test was undertaken (see Arborist Report) to determine the extent of decay. The results confirmed extensive decay (see image).

Further decay is present in the large limbs that overhang the carpark and the decay is also likely to extend to the root plate below ground.

Unfortunately, the results of the investigation revealed the tree is at risk of failing and therefore needs to removed.

A Landscape Plan has been developed, which illustrates four replacement trees, including three Narrow-leaved Ironbarks.

To allow the safe removal of the tree, the carpark will be closed 23 May 2023.

Replanting will occur within the coming months.

We share with the community the desire to protect and enhance our tree canopy. Unfortunately, as this tree is located in a busy carpark, we have no other option than to have it removed and replaced.